Document Management System

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Any corporation needs a system to manage its documents. In the past that system was based only on regular papers which is used to track, manage and store documents. The main goal of having a documents management system was to reduce paper and be able to keep a record of various version created by different users (history tracking). These document management systems started back during the 1980s where number of vendors began to develop some sort of software which has the ability to manage paper-based documents not only that but also can handle photographs and other forms of documents.

The main components of any document management system are consisting of: Metadata, Workflow, Versioning and Publishing.

Metadata: it’s simply is the data of the document that will be stored, and it hold the identity of the user that storing it.

Workflow: there are different types of Workflow and it all depends the environment to which the document management system is applied.

Versioning: it’s the process of checking the document in the DMS. Which allow the users to get previous version and be able to work from a certain point. Of course, the documents that change over time a lot is the most beneficial one here.

Publishing: there are some procedures that must take place before the publishing which are Proofreading, public reviewing, authorizing and printing and that is the logical thinking that ensures that everything should go alright.

Now it’s time to talk about of the document management system that has been relevant in the industry for a couple of years now, LogicalDOC.

You can think of LogicalDOC as a web based document management solution that has a lot of different features that can help its user to be more productive and make them organize their work in a better way.

LogicalDOC uses a friendly platform which also include workflow designer, agenda management and there are various options for uploading and distributing your documents. So, let’s take a look on the main features of LogicalDOC.

Audit Trail

There is no doubt that when there is working involving Document, there is also the slightest chance of losing valuable information and that can happen duo to different reasons, it can be a human error and in some case that can result from technology errors. And duo to that issue LogicalDOC helps you to avoid that by keeping a detailed record of all changes that made to a specific document. In other words that means that you can review the historical data on any document you want and see the change that were made and by whom.

That not all that Audit trail can offer you, but you can run searches for changes made for a specific folder or document, there are a lot of methods for searching, for one you can search by typing the user name or by typing the data that those changes were made. You can see now that this feature can help you avoiding any sort of data loss.

Workflow Management

Like any document management system, you can say that LogicalDOC includes a workflow engine that can help the business to distribute different tasks to user and that be done using visual designer where you insert and delegate tasks, assign users and also can attach document to the steps and all of that can be done using intuitive drag and drop gestures.

If you want to talk about the benefits of that, as you can see this will allow you and the other co-workers to visualize the tasks, at the moment you are done with creating the workflow, users that you assigned to different tasks can be alerted by email that they have a new task that need to be completed. We can put that delicately by saying that users and workers can now receive meaningful notifications for their tasks.

LogicalDOC software has integrated a workflow designer capable of modeling workflow processes that allow users to easily act on items in shared folders without delays.

Agenda Manager

Any modern business needs to have a method to keep the users updated with their tasks, that can be done using LogicalDOC feature which include calendar engine which is easily accessible from user’s dashboard.

Agenda manager will give the users access to create and manage their calendar events using their browsers. Which will allow them to tie any event in the calendar to specific document or even a workflow which helps the users and workers to keep track of their responsibilities and roles. Using this feature users can receive emails about their tasks and also about any other important information that they need to know. Last but not least LogicalDOC integrates with the famous Microsoft outlook, and that allow the users to receive and send emails.

Document Capture

Going paperless has never been easier with Document Capture feature you have a various option for capturing using scanner or even digital camera. There are a lot of downloadable application that can be used on mobile devices that allow the user to use their mobile camera to capture or even organize documents to the cloud in a simple way. This process works easily for a lot of different type of documents, images.

Local User

This is important feature duo to the fact that it can help to boost the productivity of the workers without much effort. In this feature LogicalDOC offers different user interface option which is accessible from any location which has access to the internet. For one this means that your co-workers can work from different location in and outside their office. That why I was talking about boosting productivity using this feature. This doesn’t end here but LogicalDOC will interface with Microsoft Office to make it easier to upload documents to cloud servers and share them with different users

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